Changes to Town planning in England have been approved by parliament and as of September 1st 2020 there will be no more Use Class A1; into which fell garden centres, farm shops and most other retail outlets.

We now have an all-embracing Class E, which includes retail shops, coffee shops, restaurants, offices, indoor sport/fitness/recreational facilities, health services and children’s day nurseries/creches.

Game-changing new use classes will have a huge impact on town planning from September 1st.

This means that you can change from one of the above uses to another use without planning consent, unless your council has in place an order preventing a change and hence requiring planning permission.

There are exceptions to some of these uses, so it is necessary to check before making any changes, and a council can still seek restrictions on what a centre or shop offers through its planning conditions.

From a garden centre and farm shop’s point of view, the good news is that it provides greater freedom to alter a product and service mix without the need for planning consent.

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