Planning experts at Malcolm Scott Consultants are advising farmers and land-owners with areas of unused land that there is a timely opportunity for them to capitalise on the demand for UK holidays by establishing campsites on their grounds. 

While there has always been a demand to explore the country, the Covid-19 crisis and the current uncertainty over travelling abroad has led to huge numbers of Brits seeking staycation spots around the country – which are now in short supply having being snapped up by savvy holidaymakers prior to the Government’s travelling restrictions being announced.

James Hollyman, of Worcester-based planning specialists Malcolm Scott Consultants, said that the demand this year created an opportunity for land-owners and farmers to create additional holiday spots around the country as well as providing an additional income for themselves by repurposing spare land.  

James said: “We have dealt with many change of use applications for a number of rural land owners, and any change of use from agriculture needs planning permission.  While some small-scale camping is allowed under permitted development rules, for permanent and larger seasonal sites, full planning permission will likely be needed.

 “Until 31st December this year, temporary activities including camping may be able to proceed without the need for a planning application, provided they are not planned more than 56 days a year, but any use beyond this could require a planning application. That said, there may be exceptions to the 56 day rule when it comes to site development and we’d always advise people to discuss proposals with a town planning contact before investing in the plans.

“With holidays abroad looking less likely for the coming weeks, and with so many beautiful parts of the country now offering a wide appeal to individuals and families seeking domestic holidays, this is the perfect time for farmers and land-owners to consider utilising some of their land to provide alternative holiday spots and gauge an interest for a long-standing campsite in future years,” he added.

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