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Is the design of your shop layout

21 July 2020

Andrew Burton on making the most of a store’s available space to maximise potential. Planning the layout of your garden centre or farm shop is both an art and a science; requiring creativity, psychological insight and testing. I was keen to explore common retail tactics that can be used when planning and implementing the arrangement […]


30 June 2020

With the focus for garden centres and farm shop now moving towards reopening of their restaurants and cafes, in this document there are compliance suggestions to consider when planning for reopening  safely during COVID-19. The following considerations are to support garden centre and farm shop restaurant employers and employees as part of their strategic plans […]


25 June 2020

The Government has announced that planning permissions that lapsed, or are due to lapse, during the Coronavirus lockdown period between March 23rd and December 31st 2020 will now automatically be extended until April 1st 2021. Chris Primett of Malcolm Scott Consultants welcomed the news. “This is good news for garden centre owners who had to […]