Feasibility Studies and Business Development


With extensive experience of consulting on the design and development of garden centres, farm shops and destination attractions throughout the world, we know best how to enhance your existing shop/centre, or how to go about developing a successful new-build.

We are aware that Feasibility Studies can come in many different formats and have different detail needs, so we bespoke our work to meet your needs. We ensure each study is specific to your requirements and we ensure that we review all the aspects required to your business. Our expert consultants will give you a professional, specific formalised written summary with development proposals moving forward.

A typical initial consultation first and foremost requires a site visit, enabling us to discuss business plans and ideas with our clients.

Next, we use the information gained from the initial consultation to a build a proposed Development Plan, showing how a successful outlet might be developed.  Such plans show car parking, and the size and form of the internal and external sales areas, offices and good storage area respectively.

The team then provides an assessment of the development plans to our client.  This is completed in the form of a report, identifying the potential market available to the operator, the current industry trends, the financial parameters to a successful development, and advice on how to best develop a viable long-term garden centre, farm shop or restaurant.

The review can cover:

  • A Town planning review
  • Design options (if required) for both internal and external designs
  • Capital expenditure forecasts
  • An assessment of the current market and trends
  • An assessment of your customer proposition and brand
  • The development of a draft financial 3-5 year budget estimating the potential income and expenditure, to include anticipated turnover calculations and Operational Profit and loss calculations
  • If required any staffing recruitment and structure proposals – along with further support options available
  • Suggested product sourcing lists and shows for suppliers across retail and catering departments
  • An assessment of the impact of each main option on your group’s structure and products
  • Alternative proposals (if any are identified)

Following the completion of the main review,  the team will often prepare outline drawings which can then be utilised for town planning and design purposes.

Following construction of the Garden Centre/Farm Shop, we can organise merchandising lists and if necessary supply training manuals for assistance in staffing and operating the centres as well as organising a regular consultancy review of the retail and catering operation to ensure that each project has the best possible on-going support.



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