Plan for the Future



2020 has created new challenges, however it has also created reflection time and this is certainly case for businesses across the UK.

Malcolm Scott have the experience and core values to help you with your future plans!

Growing your business whilst successfully running the business takes considerable skill. Take your eye off running your business for too long and it goes off the boil. Ignore the development of a successful strategy to grow your business and you flounder. If this isn’t enough, you have to contend with unpredictable weather influencing your turnover and interest rate changes which can unsettle ambitious plans. We understand this; we recognise your business concerns.

We call them ‘Entrepreneurial Imperatives’ and have identified the following:

The Market Niche:

“Will my existing centre remain attractive to customers and competitive in the future?” “What will the new extension I am considering look like?” “What form should the new garden centre that I am considering developing take?” “How will it compare to my present centre?” “Will the centre continue to appeal to customers in the future?” “How long will the centre remain competitive to achieve an acceptable pay-back to me?”

The Operation of the Centre

“How should I improve the operation of my centre in future to keep costs under control?” “How can my extension or new centre be built cost effectively whilst I continue trading?” “Is this new profit centre I may develop something I could run, or that my staff could operate?” “Is this new growth achievable? Do I feel happy with it?”

Creating Asset Value

“Is my new extension or new centre going to create a saleable asset?” “Is the extension or new centre likely to get town planning approval and building regulation approval, to ensure that it is able to be operated and able to command a good sale price in future?”

Cost of Development

“What is the overall real cost of extending my centre or creating a new one – not just the building, but the fitting out?” “How can I economise on some of these costs?” “Can I successfully phase the development?”

Minimising the Risk

“Can I get involved in this new profit centre or develop a new centre on a ‘suck it and see’ basis?” “Which parts of the new centre can get me started with the least investment of money and is most easy for my existing operation to handle?” “Which of the various options that I have: to extend my existing centre; develop a new centre; move into new product areas and services – is the least risky?”

From the initial consultation, through to design, town planning and operational advice, Malcolm Scott Consultants have the experience and up to date knowledge to help you!

The Malcolm Scott Consultants team have over 400 projects to their name and as Town planning Specialists we have gained permissions on a brownfield and greenfield sites.



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