Garden Centres

With more than 30 years’ experience in providing expert planning advice


With extensive experience of consulting on the design and development of garden centres throughout the world, we know best how to enhance an existing centre or how to go about developing a successful new-build. Our feasibility studies are detailed processes enabling the client to see exactly how the project will progress and what return they can expect on their investment.

A typical feasibility study first and foremost requires a site visit – for international projects, this sees a recce of the country to assess the level of economic development and type of products which are likely to be in demand, while all studies see a visit to any sites under consideration to assess their suitability for use as a garden centre.

Next, a typical study will see a Sketch Development Plan produced, showing how a successful garden centre might be developed. Such plans show car parking, and the size and form of the covered sales area, open sales area and good storage area respectively.

Where appropriate, the estimated build cost will be converted from pounds sterling to the relevant currency.

The team then provides an assessment of the likely Five Year Sales, Gross Profit, operating costs, marketing costs and net profit from the development, along with, as required, a report on the assessment of the country’s gardening market size and characteristics, the potential market available to the operator, the financial parameters to a successful development, and advice on how to best develop a viable long -term garden centre.

Following the completion of a feasibility study,  the team will often prepare outline drawings which can then be utilised by the chosen company and architect or international specialist supplier.

Following construction of the Garden Centre, we can organise merchandising lists and if necessary supply training manuals for assistance in staffing and operating the centres as well as organising a regular consultancy review of the garden centre operation to ensure that each project has the best possible on-going support.


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